InBody Analysis

Where the Gym Meets the Lab

No two customers are exactly alike, and at Rock’s Discount Vitamins -N- More, we believe that every customer should have a fitness program that has been specifically tailored to their unique goals and physiology. That’s why every supplement regimen that we develop begins with a comprehensive fitness assessment … and we’re not talking about some one-size-fits-all height/weight test.

Rock’s is proud to offer our customers access to InBody, a state-of-the-art body composition analyzer. Developed using the latest body science technology, InBody evaluates the body’s health by looking at the balance of water, proteins, minerals, and body fat. Together, this data helps us develop a supplement program that is uniquely suited to your body and fitness goals. View a sample report >>

Man on In Body Analysis Machine

Come in for an updated analysis every 30 days

Always Improving

Track your progress over time; it’s easy:

  1. Set up an InBody account on your first visit
  2. Stop by every 2-4 weeks for a follow-up evaluation
  3. Tweak your supplement program as necessary

Preparatory Steps for Your InBody Analysis