Casein FX

Product Description

ALLMAX CASEIN-FX  Feed Your Muscles ALLMAX ISOFLEX Whey isolate is perfect following your workout, or first thing in the morning since it has extremely rapid absorption that floods your system with high levels of Amino Acids, putting into a state called Hyperaminoacidemia stimulates rapid muscle growth.

ALLMAX CASEIN-FX, on the other hand is the Ultimate in Slow-Release Protein Technology. Consuming CASEIN-FX prior to sleeping, or any time you wil be without a high- protein meal for any significant length of time will keep you from becoming catabolic (a state of muscle breakdown Muscle Catabolism is most often the number one reason as- piring bodybuilders fail to reach their goals.

ALLMAx CASEIN-FX provides a convenient, easy-to-mix and delicious way to keep your muscles fueled with a constant flood of Amino Acids, CASEIN-FX is a Fat-Free and Low-Carb formula that will help you reach your goals.

FLAVOR chocolate, vanilla.

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