Delicious Greens 8000

Product Description

“No pain, no gain. If it tastes good, it must be bad for you”. Does one of these phrases sound familiar? Well, at Greens World, Inc., we don’t agree with them. There are a lot of so called “healthy” products out there that contain boatloads of unhealthy ingredients. So we at Greens World wanted to give you something that lets you enjoy a delicious tasting product with peace of mind knowing that you are eating healthy. The result was a smooth and rich Chocolate Greens 8000!

Sure, chocolate and greens don’t seem like a good combination, but here at Greens World, we make the impossible into innovation. So our formulator Dr. March decided to mix the widely loved chocolate and the long opposed fruits and vegetables into one amazing blend! What she created is the best tasting chocolate greens ever! Mixed with chilled water or milk, it tastes like a chocolate malt or cocoa drink. You may think that such an idea is ridiculous, but try it for yourself! You will be truly amazed at how good this chocolate greens tastes!

The Delicious Greens 8000 line of greens and reds blends are considered a Superfood and as such can be used one or more times daily by everyone in the family, including children.

Additional Information